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Overall Approach

You cannot have full strength if your muscles do not have their proper length.

When we have soft tissue injuries, our muscles can tighten in some places and over-stretch in others, creating imbalance. Imbalance leads to incorrect posture and gait, which, left un-checked, leads to pain.

Pain hurts, so our bodies will attempt to avoid the pain by shifting the burden off of the injured tissues onto other structures, which soon leads to secondary injuries, and to more pain. If we do not correct this pattern, we will move into yet another imbalanced pattern, tying to avoid the pain of the injury and the secondary issues.

See how this can all become twisted pretty quickly? It's kind of like an onion, and we just keep adding layers.

Our approach is to correct imbalanced tension patterns in your body, so that your bones, muscles, connective tissues, and gravity, can all play nicely together again. We work to lengthen the muscle tissue, and to ease the post-injury scar tissue into a more functional pattern, so that the tension on your joints returns to a normal, balanced state, and range of motion can be restored.

And then we teach you ways to maintain this balance on your own. Because when you have balanced, full range of motion, your strength can return, and you'll feel better.