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Oregon Clinical Massage is a small, specialized
Clinical Massage and Manual Therapy practice
located near Lloyd Center in NE Portland.

We focus on increasing range of motion,
so your patient's physical therapy
strength training efforts can be more effective.
you know what they say...
"In just one visit, I was over my six month physical therapy plateau.

When my doctor realized that manual therapy was not part of my physical therapy visits, she suggested I find someone who could help with that. I'm so glad I did.

She is most impressed with your work, and would like a stack of your cards so she can send her other patients here too."

MK - Police Officer
pt & manual therapy ~ so happy together
Until the tissue has full range of motion,
it does not have full strength.

Injury leads to adhesive tissue build-up, which continues with use over time if not treated. Trigger points in the injured muscles must be treated, but also the scar tissue build-up must be addressed in order to restore the soft tissues to their correct length and function.

Contemporary physical therapy tends to focus on
strength training following an injury. This is essential.

But if it is paired with manual therapy, focused on
steadily increasing the pain-free range of the tissues,
physical therapy is able to do its work more quickly
and with increased success.

1939 NE Broadway St. Suite B
Portland OR 97232

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