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things you might like to know...

What can I expect from treatment at OCM?

During your first session, your condition will be
assessed. We will assess through palpation as well as by
using a series of range-of-motion tests in which we will
be looking for your passive (we move the muscle groups
for you), active (you move the muscles yourself), and
resisted (you move the muscles against resistance) range
of motion. We will check for possible reasons why we
shoudn't do the work, assess your stage of healing, and
formulate a plan of care based on the diagnoses your
physician has given, the physician’s orders (if applicable),
and the findings of the evaluation.

At your first visit, you will also fill out paperwork relating
to your case and, if applicable, your insurance
information. Following the assessment, barring
contra-indications, you will receive a treatment.
Depending on your stage of healing and your physician's
prescription, this may consist of regular massage, the
application of hot or cold packs, trigger point therapy,
assisted stretching, muscle-energy techniques, or other
soft tissue therapies.

If your physician has asked us to provide self-care
instructions, you will also be shown some stretches
and/or exercises you can do at home to help maintain
your progress.

At the beginning of subsequent treatment sessions, you
will fill out a simple update form to let us know about
your current symptoms and any changes you have
noticed since the previous treatment