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Portland Auto Accident Massage Therapy
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Have you been injured in an automobile collision?
Has your doctor told you that you need massage therapy?
Were you injured at work?
Have you had a bicycle accident?
Are you an athlete trying to improve sports performance?
Have you hit a physical therapy plateau?
Does it just hurt to move?

Give us a call. We would love to help you fix that.
Portland Auto Accident Massage Therapy
Physical Therapy


• auto accident injury

• on-the-job injury

• insurance billing

• pain management

• sports injury

• sports performance

• range-of-motion limitation

• pediatric soft tissue injury
who we are
We are a locally owned and operated small
clinical massage practice located
near the Lloyd Center in NE Portland.
We have been in this amazing neighborhood since 2002.

We don't have a receptionist, but we do have
some really great therapists - so if you call us during business hours and we don't answer, we are probably
in the treatment room helping someone
move better and feel better. 

Because we love that.

So please leave us a message. We will call you
back as soon as we can, and we promise to
give you the same undivided attention.
Oregon Clinical Massage
Oregon Clinical Massage
1939 NE Broadway St. Suite B
Portland OR 97232

by appointment only
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